What's MapWarehouse?

Ontario's largest geospatial data marketplace!

Data season is coming up; construction, agriculture, development, natural resources... you name it, everyone needs new data for their Summer projects and the time to start planning is now.  MapWarehouse is the easy answer to finding quality data resources quickly and cost effectively.

Over the next 6 weeks, we'll be guiding you through the best practices to Search, Select, Download, and Work with the data you find on MapWarehouse. You'll learn:
  • How to better use the site
  • What data is available
  • Business applications for data
  • Fun facts, tips and trends

Week of April 20: SEARCH
How to use MapWarehouse search tools
What data is available
The business case for using MapWarehouse

Week of April 27: SELECT
How to use MapWarehouse selection tools
What you can do with data
How to choose what data is best for your project

Week of May 4: EXPLORE MORE
Quick recap of Search and Select
Looking closer into commercial use cases for data

Week of May 11: DOWNLOAD
How to use MapWarehouse download tools
All about file formats
Managing your data library

Week of May 18: WORK
How to work with MapWarehouse data
Great ways to combine data
Showcasing the work of our customers

Week of May 25: WRAP UP & RECAP
Overview of MapWarehouse in 4 easy steps
How to add your data to MapWarehouse
Answering your questions

Thousands of professional people in many industries are already taking advantage of the convenience they get from MapWarehouse's one stop shopping approach to data. Hear a few of their stories:

Have you got a story of your own to tell?

We encourage your feedback.  Follow us through our social media channels to let us know what you think and what topics you want to hear more about. Stay tuned as we break down MapWarehouse in 4 easy steps: Search, Select, Download, Work.


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