Spatial Data Maximizes Agricultural Yields

Monitor crop health and direct resources where they're really needed.

Get the big picture and use aerial imagery to support decisions you make throughout the growing season. Here's three ways modern agriculture is benefiting from high resolution imagery and other mapping technologies.

Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture is an up and coming farming management technology. Fundamentally, the concept is to observe, measure, and respond to soil and crop conditions in an effort to boost outputs. Many of our agricultural co-op customers rely on our high resolution orthophoto to determine the precise area of irregularly shaped fields and assess soil and drainage conditions prior to planting. Soil colours reveal patterns of intra-field variations in characteristics of the sand/silt/clay and organic composition when compared to known sample areas.

Detailed Feedback

Through the growing season, satellite imagery can be captured on demand to provide up to the minute views of the crops as they develop. When satellite imagery is captured using infrared cameras, plant health is immediately obvious, quantifiable, and can be compared directly with nearby crops to identify under performing fields and regions within a particular field. This aerial overview allows agricultural scientists to determine how, where, and when to best use resources - fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation etc, on any particular field or part thereof, to maximize yields with less investment, in conjunction with GPS technology.

Coherent Results

Targeting inputs only when and where they’re really needed benefits the entire crop cycle, soils, groundwater, and the farmer’s wallet alike. Not only does the precision agriculture movement encourage sustainability for the soils and surrounding natural environment, the extensive use of aerial photo also simplifies communication and sharing of information between individuals within a co-op. Air photo maps are visual, intuitive and easy to interpret. Meaningful results and the ability to measure changes over time through aerial and satellite photo are revolutionizing agri-business.


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