MapWarehouse - SELECT: Tips & Tricks

Step 2 in any project is deciding what data resources you need to get started. 

Geodata searches can be feast or famine. At times you might be overwhelmed with choices, other times you might find yourself out of luck. Before moving ahead with your project blindly, check out MapWarehouse. There, you can review all the data types available covering any area you choose, conveniently clipped to a common grid so you pay for only the data and coverage you're interested in.

This week the focus is SELECT:

How To Select?

Watch the video or follow the screen images to learn how to preview and SELECT data using MapWarehouse's common grid system, metadata groupings, item selection filter, and image and data coverage preview tools.

Data Selection Tips: 

Three Questions To Ask Yourself Before Purchasing Aerial Imagery

So, you’ve seen your competition submitting proposal after proposal with stunning maps and images detailing the planned work. Even though your idea is better, you’re having trouble expressing clearly what you can do to the decision maker whose probably spending a minimal amount of time flipping through each proposal and needs to be impressed quickly.

How Does Data Selection Affect The Success of Your Project?

What You See Is What You Get?

Even though scientists tell us that the polar ice caps are melting at an alarming rate, the new Atlas of Canada tells a different story because the methodology of calculating sea ice has changed. Mark Monmonier's library of publications, the best known being How to Lie with Maps outlines this principle in detail. We don't condone dishonesty, of course, but you can emphasize the point you want to make, draw attention to certain features, or influence an audience like your stakeholders by presenting spatial data in a way that best supports your position.


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