The Secret Weapon for Difficult Searches

Title Searching in the Digital Age

If your job as a law clerk involves searching real estate title information, you’ve likely had difficulty finding municipal tax roll numbers and legal descriptions for new acquisitions.

  • Limited information about a property
  • Outdated legal descriptions
  • The property’s previous registered owner has changed names
  • Multiple PINs for large properties
When comparing research methods to locate properties, customers report that VuMAP is the preferred application. VuMAP’s map-based search allows you to easily locate the address or a nearby intersection and review legal descriptions of neighbouring parcels that can point you in the right direction. Large properties comprising dominant lands and servient easements can be viewed together in context on the map. Once you identify a PIN using VuMAP, only then can you find the owner.

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Have you ever worked on titles for vacation properties? Boat access properties can pose a challenge since there’s no public road or standard civic address to search for. Isolated far north locations pose their own search hassles as well. Using only the limited information available in a real estate listing, VuMAP is the only tool that lets you locate the PIN for these difficult to search for properties using a map.

Because of the high resolution aerial imagery included in the application, you can see infrastructure on the ground like hydro corridors that can help you track down an isolated property, or see where on the property the structures are located. If the property is located within the shore road allowance, you’ll see it immediately. Isn’t that something you’d want to know before deciding to purchase a property? The added details you glean from using VuMAP let you work more efficiently and sets your title search service apart from the competition.

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