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Truth Or Scare? [Photoblog]

Ghosts's eye view of Toronto's spookiest places That chill in the air - it's not the seasons turning.  Toronto has a spooky side.  Take a look at the sites below with notorious reputations for hauntings. How well do you know the city? Can you guess the locations? Check your answers below.

Toronto's The Scene For TIFF [Photoblog]

Spotlight on cinema The annual migration of celebrities and paparazzi is about to descend on downtown Toronto once again for TIFF 2015 . At First Base , we make pictures of a different kind, orthophoto , which give us an overhead perspective to produce highly accurate maps, but also let us gaze upon the intricate details of the city from an angle seldom seen by stars of the film variety.

Back to School [Photoblog]

Books open, pencils ready... University in September; an exciting and busy time indeed! Ontario has many options.  Take a look below at all the university campuses in Ontario to see where you're sending your kids, and how each school compares. Did you go to a bustling, urban campus with a city-sized student population, or a spacious, northern campus with a more intimate education experience?  How did the school's geography affect your studies, social life, and overall experience? Leave comments below.

Fun Fall Food Festivals [Photoblog]

Agricultural festivals offer something for everyone It's harvest time again in Ontario!  With back to school just around the corner, fall fairs like the CNE in Toronto see mass crowds of fun seekers skipping out on a hum drum day at the office to whack a few moles, spin a few teacups, take in a show, and gorge on something deep fried and covered in sprinkles. All over Ontario at this time, local fall fairs celebrate the season's bounty with unique festivals, competitions and traditions.  Here's a just a few spots where you'll find some fun this fall: