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Best Workflow To Research And Acquire Mapping Data? [Video]

Use our services in combination to get exactly what you want faster FBS sells aerial imagery, plus mapping data provided through reseller agreements with Teranet, Planet, TRCA and many others. The data is delivered to the end user through our three services: VuMAP, MapWarehouse, and MapCast. Watch the video tutorial and follow along with the transcript below: In the past, each service stood on it's own as an access point for different types of users. Legal researchers and those without desktop mapping software prefer VuMAP 's web based application. Developers and engineers that work extensively around a single site rely on MapWarehouse for downloadable georeferenced data tiles. Consultants, especially those who frequently look at details of many sites, are dedicated MapCast users. We cannot offer all types of partner data on all services, however, the services can be used together to get everything you need in less time. Let's go through an example working with Ter