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Building Explosions Around Toronto [Photoblog]

Before and after urban disasters A rare event, but there have been quite a few in the last couple of years. Our aerial imagery captures the before and after of these urban disasters.

Vintage Imagery Now With Vintage Pricing

Price drop across the board First Base Solutions is pleased to announce that effective immediately, non-current orthophoto (aerial imagery) will be offered at a reduced price through MapWarehouse . It's not a sale or a promotion, it's a long term price drop across the board.

How To Interpret MapWarehouse File Names

RAQ's: Rarely asked questions Anyone's who purchased aerial imagery or mapping data through MapWarehouse is familiar with the quick delivery of a zip folder containing a bunch of cryptically named files.   Did you know the string of numbers actually means something useful? By interpreting the file names you can find: The data type (orthophoto, parcel, contours...) The UTM coordinates of the file's insertion point The year the data was produced The data provider (FBS, Teranet, TRCA...)