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MapCast 2020 [VIDEO]

Mapping as a Service   Take a tour of the latest features [ VIDEO 26:20 ]  

How To Work Remotely with FBS Imagery

We'll hook you up! We're still flying. As an essential part of the supply chain for other businesses to continue operations, First Base is practicing physical distancing while remaining open. If your work place is doing the same, rest assured the aerial imagery services you rely on for mapping projects will continue to be provided as usual. Are you working from home? If your new work arrangement includes remote desktops, VPN, or some other work around to support a remote work force, your geospatial needs may have changed as well. Luckily there's more than one way to access our imagery: MapWarehouse , VuMAP , and MapCast.

Best of the Zoo! [Photoblog]

School's out on Monday and the kids are acting like caged animals? Take them to see these amazing creatures. A few of the best shots from around the Toronto Zoo captured over the last few years in our aerial imagery.

What Can I Do With 8 Band Imagery?

512 RGB Visualizations to choose from The satellite imagery we provide is often ordered as "natural colour" with red, green, and blue spectral bands to simply provide a base layer for mapping in areas where aircraft sourced orthophoto is not available or not current enough. For more sophisticated applications, multi-spectral imagery with 4 bands or 8 bands can be ordered to view imagery in "false colour".

What's EPSG And How Do I Use It?

Standardized and simplified spatial references EPSG stands for European Petroleum Survey Group. They publish a database of coordinate system information. The EPSG number is a 4 to 6 digit number that represents the parameters of a coordinate reference system. EPSG numbers are embedded in georeferenced files, and assigned by the user to mapping projects that can display those files.