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Crash Course: Elevation Imagery

Sample contours map Find the right elevation imagery for your needs Elevation imagery from FBS is usually sold as either DEM with spot heights and break lines, or, as 1m interval contour lines derived from those DEM, but, we have a few other products you might not know about. As you can see in the chart, there are five products that you can extract elevation data from. Each has different types of deliverable's, precision, and geographic coverage:

Crash Course: Orthophoto Imagery

High Resolution Orthophoto Imagery What is Orthophoto imagery? An Ort hophoto imagery is aerial imagery that has been digit ally corrected to be perfectly in scale. What Does This Mean?  This means all overhead perspectives are in uniform, You can draw on it, measure objects within the image with extreme accuracy; just like a conventional map. It is capable of measuring true direction and distances free of any distortions that may have been caused by the aircraft.

Budget Buster! Take Advantage of this Great Deal!

Time to start breaking the bank! Maximize that budget you have leftover with this incredible deal from First Base Solutions.  From February 1st to March 31st 2017 ,  If you purchase a 1 meter contours or DEM data on MapWarehouse, you will receive an additional 20% off any vintage orthophoto (below 2015) imagery! This is your chance to act now if you want to combine DEM or Contours with orthophoto imagery for a more complete and detailed view of your area of interest!