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Ever Thought About Incorporating Satellite Imagery In Your Projects?

How to Source Commercial Satellite Imagery When Google Earth was launched in 2005, high resolution satellite imagery suddenly became easily accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.  Much of this high-resolution imagery (50-60 cm) is provided by Digital Globe and can be used for a wide range of commercial applications such as urban planning, engineering, utilities and more.  Satellite imagery is a great option for mapping large, remote or inaccessible areas where orthophoto is not available.  So, how is the imagery captured, and how can a commercial user purchase the imagery?

FBS Completes Google Maps API v3 Upgrade

First Base Solutions upgrades online mapping tools  Markham, ON, Monday, November 25, 2013 – Google Maps API is the world’s most popular mapping application, used on over a million websites to date, including MapWarehouse and VuMAP, First Base Solutions’ online access points to our library of orthophoto and spatial data.  

Adaptive Projection Mapping

More Than Just Mercator You may have noticed that most popular online mapping sites use Mercator projections, which distort the shape of large, northern countries, like Canada, and makes it difficult to accurately interpret relative distance as the latitude increases. Mercator is a cylindrical projection, that shows polar countries at an exaggerated size compared to equatorial countries at small scales. Notice on most online maps how Greenland is the same size as South America, where in reality, the area of South America is more than 8 times that of Greenland!

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