Three Ways Aerial Imagery Helps Real Estate Pros

Sales, maintenance, assessments

There are many ways to be a real estate professional.  Any kind of land based research, management, or analysis can be enhanced by adding high resolution aerial imagery to your day to day tasks.

Marketing Properties

A great photo is extremely important to set your listing apart and effectively market a property for sale. Aerial photos are especially useful when it comes to large, irregularly shaped, or vacant lots where the best features are difficult to show off from the street. Commercial properties, cottages with land, and farms are just a few types of listings that benefit from Zoom2It, a service provided by First Base Solutions through GeoWarehouse. Subscribed real estate agents can purchase and download aerial images of any property with the Teranet parcel boundary delineated on top of the image based on the PIN. Properties consisting of several PINs can be printed at poster size with parcel boundaries laid over imagery as a custom order; a great focal point for your open house.

Property Management

For companies managing multiple properties - whether industrial/commercial properties or residential complexes - rooftops, pavement, landscaping and other big ticket real estate improvements usually go through cycles of routine maintenance, emergency repairs, and scheduled replacement. An excellent way to track real estate assets and logistics of the maintenance cycles is through a VuMAP subscription. Time series aerial imagery and property boundaries are the backdrop for property managers to measure, draw, make notes, compare year by year changes in the condition of a property, and share information for geographically dispersed locations. This information can improve the capital planning strategies and help avoid surprise repairs.

Property Assessment

Of particular interest to municipal governments, property assessments are a routine exercise when there are changes to property ownership, legal description, or classification, among other reasons. Correct value assessments are necessary for calculating property taxes and comparing visible property upgrades to building permits records. Re-evaluation of a property’s value as compared to sales in the surrounding area can also be performed in cases where there are major changes made to a property such as building or demolishing structures or adding a pool - changes that often require a permit but are not obvious from the road. VuMAP offers the unique perspective to see high resolution imagery of the property in different years, as well as property lines and legal descriptions.


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