Danger Ahead! [Photoblog]

Yellow is the new green.

CAA requests our feedback annually with their worst roads campaign. No Surprise here, the most accident prone road in Ontario is the 401.  The worst section is between White's Road in Pickering and Courtice east of Oshawa according to the OPP. This road obviously has a much higher volume of traffic than other areas, this particular section is where the core and collector lanes split or merge, depending on which direction you're traveling.

Hwy 401 at Brock Rd, 2014 Orthophoto, Whitby
Let's take a look at a sample of the worst intersections for accidents in Toronto, London, and select cities across Canada.

Lakeshore Blvd at Lower Jarvis St, 2013 Orthophoto, Toronto
Lakeshore Blvd at Don Roadway, 2013 Orthophto, Toronto
Ellesmere Rd at Bellamy Rd, 2013 Orthophoto, Toronto
Wellington Rd at Commissioners Rd E, 2010 Orthophoto, London
Highbury Ave N at Oxford St E, 2010 Orthophoto, London
Highbury Ave N at Hamilton Rd, 2010 Orthophoto, London
Knight St Bridge and SE Marine Dr Interchange, 2008 Orthophoto, Vancouver
Deerfoot Tr at 16th Ave NE, 2006 Orthophoto, Calgary
Deerfoot Tr at Glenmore Tr, 2006 Orthophoto, Calgary
Rt 40 at Rue Stinson, 2006 Orthophoto, Montreal
Yellowhead Tr at 127th St, 2006 Orthophoto, Edmonton
Other than traffic volume, what makes these places so different from the rest of the city?  Is there a common geographical characteristic, or do these places happen to intersect with a social phenomenon like texting?


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