Top Three Ways Location Intelligence Helps Lawyers

You're a specialist, not a jack-of-all-trades. 

Luckily, you no longer need to be an expert in GIS to get what you need from mapping technology. First Base Solutions has developed VuMAP, a feature packed online mapping application with intuitive tools to help you view, query, measure, and report.  We can also prepare any kind of custom mapping to support your legal work.

Researching Places
Lawyers, paralegals, investigators, and researchers alike can order custom large format prints of our photo for trial exhibits, or make use of time series aerial photo and property information through a VuMAP subscription. VuMAP, our online map viewer offers property lines overlaid on our high resolution aerial photo with full legal descriptions for each property in Ontario, making research fast and convenient, with simple online search tools. 
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Reliable Evidence
Visual materials are particularly persuasive as evidence in a courtroom. In the case of land based claims such as disputes over property limits, locations of easements, modifications to structures or other features at a specific site, aerial photos can provide reliable, objective, date stamped supporting evidence. Comparison of historical and current aerial photo taken at the same location documents change over time and can establish the truth about when a feature like a road or building came to exist. 
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Accurate Analysis
The orthophoto produced by First Base Solutions are also uniform scaled, meaning it can be used to take accurate measurements of direction, distance, and area, often important to reconstructing accident scenes, establishing site lines around curves in the road, and to visualize stopping distances at different speeds. All of which is best presented using our high resolution photo.
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