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We've reached the half way point of our series, MapWarehouse: SEARCH, SELECT, DOWNLOAD, WORK.

Let's take a breather and talk about data. What to do with it and why it's worth it to spring for the stuff that's really top drawer, item selection drawer, that is. If you've been following the series, you'll understand what that means, if not, no worries, check out the recent posts here.

Read, learn, watch, or just poke around our blog and have some fun. Leave comments below the articles and let us know what you want to learn about next!.

I bet you've got a story to share...
To Err Is Human...
Starting with bad data, or just misinterpreting or misrepresenting data to your stakeholders can send your project down the wrong path and hurt your reputation. Your once compelling evidence that you've made good decisions is suddenly not as compelling as you thought.

A bit about data quality...
Property Boundary Doesn't Line Up?
If you're a real estate agent, a lawyer, or perform any kind of on-location services for property management, you'll understand my frustration with maps that just look wrong. A common combination is orthophoto and parcel data. If they're both correct, why does it look like this...

Hiding in plain sight...
What The Heck Is That?
Sometimes curiosity overwhelms and you just have to zoom in and check out an oddity in an aerial image. With the volume of aerial imagery captured by First Base Solutions, naturally we encounter this phenomenon in our own orthophoto.


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