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Get Lost! [Photoblog]

Fun on the farm Ontario farms have expanded into family entertainment destinations in the last few years - and it's not just your typical hay rides anymore. Check out these large scale corn maze designs from the air!

$100 Not Going As Far As It Used To?

Best $100 per month investment for your business For a lot of us, $100 is a tank of gas. If you use that $100 tank of gas to drive your crew and equipment out to investigate various work sites, add your labour costs, plus any lost opportunity costs while your assets and gear are tied up on the road. That $100 tank of gas actually costs your business far more than face value.

JD Barnes Limited Acquires OnSite Locates Inc.

Underground cable and pipe utility locating services throughout Ontario First Base Solutions is pleased to announce that OnSite Locates Inc. has merged with our parent company, JD Barnes effective September 1st, 2016.