MapWarehouse - SEARCH: How, What, and Why

Step 1 in any project is researching the opportunity

along with its challenges. Tight deadlines to submit a proposal need not stop you from putting together accurate, well considered estimates for your time and materials based on facts, not guesses, about the conditions at your site.  MapWarehouse is the easy answer to finding reliable data resources quickly and cost effectively.  Use our imagery to see the big picture!

This week the focus is SEARCH:

How To Search?

Watch the video or follow the screen images to learn how to SEARCH for your area of interest and search for data coverage at your site...


What To Search?


Our Data: What's in store?

From Governments to Google, for the last 15 years, First Base Solutions has been the primary source for geospatial data and aerial image acquisition in Ontario. You might not know our name, but you definitely know our data.

Why To Search?


Is Fast Better Than Free?

Only the best data will do, however, Experian Data Quality's recent “Create Your Ideal Data Quality Strategy” study indicates 92% of companies surveyed are experiencing difficulty with data management, 50% acknowledge that inadequate data quality negatively impacts their business. In the specific case of geospatial data, another dimension is added to the complexity of data that can challenge the best of us.


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