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Bumps In The Road? We've Got Mapping For That [Cheat Sheet]

Finding terrain mapping can be an uphill battle
Elevation data from FBS is usually sold as either DEM with spot heights and break lines, or, as 1m interval contour lines derived from those DEM, but, we have a few other products you might not know about.

Top Three Questions About Parcel Mapping [Cheat Sheet]

How to choose the right kind, what you'll get, and how to get it cheaper
Parcel data is one of our biggest sellers, so naturally we get a lot of questions about it. Keep the handy chart below as a reference or check our FAQ's.

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Ordering Imagery From The Final Frontier [Cheat Sheet]

FBS is a satellite imagery provider. We work with DigitalGlobe to bring you the most advanced commercial space imagery in the universe. Ordering is kind of complicated though, so leave that part to us.

Now You've Seen Your House, Here's More Uses For Online Aerial Imagery [Cheat Sheet]

Look past the price tag to see real value
Here we reviewed the differences between aerial and satellite imagery and how to download it for CAD and GIS projects. But what if you just need access to view the imagery outside of a traditional desktop mapping software?

Spacecraft or Aircraft? [Cheat Sheets]

You've got options when it comes to sourcing imagery
Did you know the free imagery you see online is a composite of different sources? Look through the historical imagery on Google Earth and you'll see FBS's own orthophoto when zoomed in for maximum detail.

If you need to download this type of imagery - aerial or satellite - and use it locally, FBS can help you navigate the ordering process for archived imagery, or arrange a fresh, custom collection. Even if you don't see it on MapWarehouse, we can get it for you!

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The Essential Cheat Sheet For Purchasing Digital Geo Data [Cheat Sheets]

So... what exactly am I paying for?
Do you know what vital piece of information you need to plan your project and can't find it? Maybe you're not even sure where to begin looking. Start by checking out the essential cheat sheets below - and visit FBS University for more reference materials and free sample data.

What's available?How is a data product different from a similar data product?What formats are available?Who uses it and what's it for?How to get it?
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Saving, Surfing, or Streaming? [Cheat Sheets]

How to choose the data delivery method that's right for your project
It's come to our attention that many of you are confused by what data products FBS has to offer and how to access them. Sorry about that.

We've been working on enhancing our websites and making more reference materials available. Below you'll find some handy cheat sheets to help figure it out.

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Cartography From The Hollywood Imagination [VideoBlog]

Movie makers inspired by us real life cartographers have glamorized our craft.
Art imitates life. In honour of TIFF, First Base salutes maps in film. More than just geospatial data, maps in movies hang in the background, set the scene, define the battlefront, point the way and sometimes play a starring role themselves. Take a look at the clips below of the best in cinematic cartographic representations as recommended by you, the internet surfing movie watching public. Do you have a favourite?

The roll of best map goes to...

Have GPS, Will Travel

Pull new insights from your GPS data to guide smart decision making with better base maps.