Options For Managing Infrastructure Networks

Solutions for energy, utilities, service delivery, infrastructure and more.

It doesn't matter what you're delivering, if you have widespread networks and facilities to monitor and maintain, you need a fool proof system in place to stay on top of it all. First Base Solutions is a provider of off the shelf and custom mapping solutions to fit your business needs, technical ability and budget.


The main complication with delivering services in such a large country as Canada is keeping track of seemingly endless miles of conduits, hydro lines, and connecting infrastructure throughout the service network. Custom interactive mapping solutions with flexible scaling to show both an overview of the system and details at individual sites can be developed by First Base Solutions unique to your business. It’s also possible to incorporate our high resolution orthophoto along with detailed terrain models into your own CAD or GIS software as a base layer to view your vector drawings through our web map service (MapCast). Either way, the aerial photo allows for a clear depiction of the ground cover and topographic conditions, and barriers and access routes into remote areas with photographic detail, not typical of traditional vector line maps.

Planning and Building

Beyond incomparable detail, one of the special advantages of using orthophoto is that the photo are uniformly scaled and can therefore be used to take precise measurements of ground features. Throughout the planning stages, this feature is especially advantageous to locate potential routes and sites for infrastructure and temporary work spaces, and to model different options before building. Popular with renewable energy providers, VuMAP subscriptions are used to measure rooftops for solar panels directly from the photo, and research property details as potential sites for wind generation. Since the photo are so clear and up to date, VuMAP is a reliable tool to support capital investment decisions.

Crisis Events

The ice storm event of December 2013 that left hundreds of thousands of people in the dark and cold for nine days over Christmas holidays is one most people in the GTA won’t forget soon. In assessing the response after the fact, serious systematic deficiencies came to light as resources put towards recovery were stretched to the limits in this logistical nightmare. Computers that still had power could not handle the volume of service calls, and workers could not access the areas needing repair because of downed trees. The technology exists to crowd source information about these outages and highly local obstacles and display details and photos on a map that could have informed the response, but, was not in use. First Base Solutions is an expert in developing interactive mapping solutions built on top of familiar Google mapping applications, for public facing or internal communications. Does your company need to improve your communication tools in case bad weather strikes again? Read a case study about how we've helped Enertech deliver public awareness services for the pipeline industry for an example of what we could do for you.


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