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What Are You Planning To Do With It? [Infographic]

Answer a few simple questions to find out if you really need new aerial imagery
They're not rainbows, it's the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, (i.e. light) the very stuff we capture for you in aerial photography. Download the infographic below to figure out what mapping data you need for your project and the best way to get it.

Does Researching Land Information Make You Feel Lost? [Infographic]

Take the VuMAP Shortcut
Download the infographic below to see how much time and money you can save on property and title searches compared to traditional methods.

What Does Remote Sensing Do For Scientists, Governments, & Businesses? [Infographic]

Plane or satellite, both are great options
Download the infographic below to find a solution for every industry.

How To Learn About A Property In Ontario [Infographic]

Researching land information? 
Download the infographic below to find a solution for every industry.

Got Waterfront?

To develop, or not to develop in the floodplain?
I often get calls from developers, engineers, and regular home owners looking to make a few changes to their properties. If that property is crossed by a water feature, you may need to apply for a Development, Interference with Wetlands and Alterations to Shorelines and Watercourses permit in the course of having a development application approved.

J.D. Barnes Limited Acquires The Assets Of Guido Papa Surveying Ltd

Strategic acquisition strengthens resources, product offerings
We are pleased to announce that effective October 19, 2015 J.D. Barnes Limited has acquired the assets of the professional land surveying firm Guido Papa Surveying Ltd. located in Woodbridge.

Blown Away At CanWEA!

Three days of shooting the breeze with our best clients. What's CanWEA?
The Annual Canadian Wind Energy Conference & Exhibition is the meeting point for all members of the wind energy industry – top business executives, technical experts, decision and policy makers, and government representatives – to come together and address the key issues facing the industry today.