What The Heck Is That? [Photoblog]

Hiding In Plain Sight. 


Sometimes curiosity overwhelms and you just have to zoom in and check out an oddity in an aerial image. With the volume of aerial imagery captured by First Base Solutions, naturally we encounter this phenomenon in our own orthophoto.

By now we’ve all seen collections like this one. Once familiar places seen from a new perspective through the magic of Google Earth reveal a twist on what we once thought we knew. Some natural, some deliberate, these giant designs on the Earth's surface hold an undeniable fascination around the world. Although not as mysterious as the Nazca Lines in Peru, southern Ontario has a few quirky sites to keep things interesting. Here’s a few neat little finds we’ve located in house. Guess what they are:

1. 42.674540, -81.359780
2. 43.05121, -80.82774
3. 42.05243, -82.60211
4. 44.497974, -80.976302
5. 44.141829, -80.812077
6. 44.007346, -78.734620
7. 44.386502, -79.689293
8. 43.914249, -78.666330
9. 43.291587, -79.884831
10. 45.429358, -75.697272

1. Southwold Earthworks, 2010
2. Corn Maze, 2010
3. The Big Tomato, 2013
4. Flying Transport Truck, 2010
5. World’s largest Muskoka Chair, 2010
6. Giant Model Airplanes, 2014
7. Spirit Catcher, 2012
8. Elephant, 2012
9. Royal Botanical Gardens, 2012
10. The Maman Statue, 2008

What have you found in our imagery? Please leave comments below.

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