MapWarehouse - Wrap It Up

Ontario's largest geospatial data marketplace!

We're done our series, MapWarehouse: SEARCH, SELECT, DOWNLOAD, WORK. Next up, we'll go over everything you always wanted to know about VuMAP.  Stick with us for the next series starting June 2, 2015.

This week, learn about how to become a partner with First Base Solutions.  Distribute your valuable geospatial data through MapWarehouse.

Partner Up...
Let's Make A Deal
How to sell your geospatial data through MapWarehouse: We've got aerial imagery in spades. It makes a great base for many types of projects such as pre-engineering work, estimating material costs, or just to add context to your line drawings, but we know there's lots of quality data out there that would complement what you already find on MapWarehouse. That's where you come in...

 Help Yourself...
Do It Better...
The Better Way To Order Spatial Data
Did You Know... You can download the coverage and tile boundaries for all the data you find on MapWarehouse? A great feature for frequent users, yet less than 2% of customers are taking advantage of it.
  • Free and unlimited
  • Choose KML (for Google Earth) or SHP (for ArcGIS)
  • Estimate your data requirements
  • Order faster and more efficiently


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