Friday, October 12, 2018

Ready, Set, Research!

RAQ: Creating a spreadsheet of legal descriptions of Teranet's parcel mapping using VuMAP

For a lightweight application, VuMAP sure does some heavy lifting when it comes to day to day productivity in your real estate or law practice. Today's rarely asked question highlights a simple but powerful built-in tool that will help speed up your research; the query tool.

  • Find the location on a map
  • Review the legal descriptions of parcels in the area
  • Bookmark the chosen properties
  • Download all the saved information to a spreadsheet

The video below will show you how to use some of the features you won't see with a free trial subscription.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

A Planet Sized Data Delivery

Introducing Our Newest Data Partner: Planet Labs Geomatics

There's a million new reasons to choose MapWarehouse. First Base Solutions has entered a new reseller agreement with Planet Labs Geomatics, a provider of commercial satellite imagery, to bring over 1,000,000 square km of new Ontario imagery to MapWarehouse, and that's just the beginning!

Monday, April 30, 2018

WMS? TMS? WMTS? MapCast Subscribers Take Your Pick

An explanation in plain English without the WTF

As a new subscriber to MapCast, you'll need to connect to the service before you can get to work. On the MapCast dashboard there are five options. Here I'll recommend which connection type to use and when.

Your service connection type will depend on the software you plan to use.

First, a quick overview of what you can do with MapCast based on the connection type you choose. In all cases, MapCast delivers image tiles at various scales which are displayed in turn as the user zooms in or out.  The user has access to view the data, not direct access to the data itself, therefore, it can not be manipulated, saved or edited.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Rarely Asked Questions: How To Use A Tile Map Service

If you can use Google Maps, then you're already an expert. It's much easier than you think.

What's a TMS?

TMS is a Tile Map Service. Aerial imagery from our planes is processed to create a highly detailed photo map that covers Southern Ontario. A grid is used to split the photo map into thousands of small tiles.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Zoom2It Demo [Video]

How to search for Ontario aerial imagery with Teranet property boundaries

If you're new to Zoom2It, welcome! The most common questions from new users include 'How do I get the images I just bought' and 'How can I open this file?' Here's a few quick hints.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Decision Guide: Ground or Aerial Survey?

Quick Answer: Both!

Detailed topographic mapping from our MapWarehouse archives is popular with civil engineers to model terrain in 3D. Users can predict the flow of surface water, air movement, acoustic modeling, sight line analysis, make volumetric calculations, and even show depth on a flat image when used together with orthophoto. Most big projects, however, also have a ground survey component. Why buy DEM or contour mapping if you need a survey anyway? One's not better than the other, they both have their place in the project life cycle. Take a detailed look:

Decision Guide: Drone or Fixed Wing Aerial Imagery

A quick overview

Technology keeps advancing and drones are no exception. If you need aerial imagery for your commercial applications you've probably considered using drones or drone imaging service providers at some point.  Here's some tips to guide your decision.