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Free Bandwidth To Experiment With MapCast

Hurry, this deal ends September 30, 2016  If you've thought about trying MapCast , now's the time. MapCast gives you unlimited access to Ontario's largest WMS (web mapping service), delivering a base layer of current and historical high resolution aerial imagery and elevation contours directly into the CAD or GIS software you already use. Simply add data to your map project and choose a connection to MapCast instead of data stored locally. Connect to MapCast with the software you already use! Learn More: Download the MapCast Sellsheet

Where Are My Zoom2It Images?

You paid for it and you just want to print it, but where is it? Through your Real Estate Board or GeoWarehouse, Zoom2It provides a quick and inexpensive way to access aerial imagery with embedded Teranet property boundary mapping without the need for any special software. Real estate marketing can be difficult - especially for vacant land, and large or irregularly shaped properties that are difficult to show from the road. Zoom2It images are ideal for this purpose!

A Decade of Collaborative Achievement

Conservation Authority Collaborative Information Sessions Join First Base Solutions in Guelph, June 7th - 9th, 2016, for the 10th annual Conservation Authority Collaborative Information Sessions . First Base Solutions is proud to be a vendor at this year’s event.  Say hello, stay and chat, watch a demonstration. Learn how to integrate our mapping technology into your conservation work. Related: Spatial Data Expedites Environmental Protection