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RAQ: How Does Image Resolution Relate To Map Scale?

Will it Work?  First, 20cm imagery is not the same as 1:20 map scale. Maps are created with mix and match combinations of data sources. Each source may be fine on its own, but will the information make sense in the final composition? If you trust the source data providers are reliable and you've got a handle on the datum and projection issues but the finished map looks awful, consider mismatches in scale.

Dear FBS, What Does Aerial Imagery Have To Do With Baseball?

Dear First Base Solutions, Your company does aerial imagery and mapping services, so why does your name sound like a baseball company? Another rarely asked question, and one we're happy to answer. You see, 'Base' as in 'First Base' comes from 'Base Mapping', as in, our data is the 'First Base' layer for your project. Our 'Solution' is to enhance decision making for projects in any industry through the use of reliable, high quality information. I Thought A Base Map Was The Same As A Topo?