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We're almost done our series, MapWarehouse: SEARCH, SELECT, DOWNLOAD, WORK. Today you'll learn about ways to combine data and how to use geospatial insights in different industries.

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This week, the focus is WORK: 

How to Work?
Learn how to WORK with data from MapWarehouse using GIS and CAD software.

Make the most of your site...
Three Ways To Use Spatial Data For Development
Solutions for engineering & property development. Get the best possible results from your development site with the help of aerial imagery, topographic models, and other spatial data. Use the insights you gain from our high resolution orthophoto to ease communication with stakeholders and support critical decisions.

Be on trend...
Will Google become self aware?
How did the world ever tick along for millions of years without being critically monitored in every respect? We'll never know since it wasn't being recorded and there was no team in place analyzing it. Big data is being captured like never before and it has the power to transform everything; from big things like our economy to small things like how we decide what to make for dinner. We're all participating in big data collection. It affects us and we in turn affect it. Here's a few trends in big data to watch out for, according to Doug Laney, research vice president for Gartner Research.


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