Big Business, Big Data, Big Headache

Positioning mapping as a solution not a problem.

The GIS Department in any company used to be a small group of experts zealously guarding their data assets, ready with a quick hand slap and a "Don't Touch!" to anyone who might poke their nose into where the year's budget went.  Not so any more, as mapping is being incorporated into all kinds of business applications that weren't available just a decade ago.

Every person, every object, and every event, has a spatial component to it.  Everything is somewhere. There's a lot of people, things, and events to keep track of.  It's overwhelming, but GIS is not something to fear or avoid, and it's no longer an elitist technology.  Basically everyone now uses it every day in the form of intuitive online applications like VuMAP, or Google Maps. GIS is just a tool that allows us to explore the spatial nature inherent in everything, which allows us to pull more information from the data we already have.

More information you say? Big business, big data, big headache, right? Wrong! Instead of approaching GIS and all the big data that comes along with it as a problem to be managed, historically kept separate from other business assets and processes, what if spatial data were seamlessly integrated into every aspect of day to day business, just like it is in the real world? That's the what the most successful business leaders have been up to the last few years.  Directions Magazine put out a great article showcasing four such companies here who have done just that.  With this inspiration in mind and a little help from FBS, you can do it too.

At First Base Solutions we have something to offer to support the success of our spatial data customers large and small.  Through MapWarehouse, high quality aerial imagery and spatial data is available at your fingertips for many types of projects.  Listen to what our customers have to say about it:


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