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Ordering Planet Satellite Overview

If you've missed our recent lunch & learn event, here's a quick summary of what the combined power of First Base and Planet have to offer
Satellite imagery from Planet is ideal for both visual and analytical uses. The agile approach to aerospace allows the entire earth to be captured every single day with a turnaround time of just a few hours. Top uses include:
• Engineering
• Agriculture
• Planning & Design
• Natural Resources
• Infrastructure
• Consulting
• Business Intelligence
• Crisis Management
What's Available?
Fresh: New imagery is added daily!

Archives: Planet offers hand touched, colour balanced mosaics with low or no cloud. Mosaic basemaps are compiled from the best images weekly, monthly, and quarterly.

MapCast Transitions

Helping you navigate the new system
10 years ago FBSWMS (First Base Solutions Web Mapping Service) was launched to deliver our aerial imagery mosaic base layers directly to your desktop mapping projects. In 2016 FBSWMS was rebranded as MapCast reflecting the expanded capabilities of the service to be used with more connection types. This year, we're improving MapCast again with new administrator tools to build custom subscriptions and track your users, plus an expanding data catalogue. If you've been with us from the beginning, here's some tips to smooth the transition.

Best Workflow To Research And Acquire Mapping Data? [Video]

Use our services in combination to get exactly what you want faster
FBS sells aerial imagery, plus mapping data provided through reseller agreements with Teranet, Planet, TRCA and many others. The data is delivered to the end user through our three services: VuMAP, MapWarehouse, and MapCast.

Watch the video tutorial and follow along with the transcript below:

In the past, each service stood on it's own as an access point for different types of users. Legal researchers and those without desktop mapping software prefer VuMAP's web based application. Developers and engineers that work extensively around a single site rely on MapWarehouse for downloadable georeferenced data tiles. Consultants, especially those who frequently look at details of many sites, are dedicated MapCast users.

We cannot offer all types of partner data on all services, however, the services can be used together to get everything you need in less time. Let's go through an example working with Teranet's…

Great Lakes' Great Beaches [Photoblog]

Civic holiday is here! Before you could easily whisk away to the Caribbean for a tropical vacation, local beach towns were in their hay day with boardwalks, hotels, and tourist amenities of all kinds. Explore your options below before hitting the road with this beaches orthophoto tour around the Great Lakes shoreline.

No Metadata? No Problem.

Where did the imagery come from? 
Even with limited information, a trained eye can glean clues in aerial imagery to learn more about it's origin. If this is your first time working with remote sensing data, here's some tips to research and interpret aerial imagery to make sure you've got the latest and greatest.

MapCast Troubleshooting Checklist

Have you tried turning it off and turning it back on again?
The top roadblocks to success with your MapCast subscription and how to address them. In general terms, these checklists are the most relevant questions to ask to solve the most common issues when getting started with MapCast in any type of CAD or GIS. Consult your software's help files for specific instructions.

How To Buy Teranet Parcels For CAD & GIS

In Ontario, parcel mapping defining the boundaries of each property is maintained by Teranet. First Base Solutions is the official map data reseller to Canadian businesses working in land development, engineering, natural resources and more.

How To Buy Parcels In CAD & GIS Formats

If you use CAD or GIS software for your mapping projects, there are two recommended ways to purchase a section of the data in DWG or SHP format; MapWarehouse or custom order.