VuMAP Tool Tips

Quick overview of the VuMAP Toolbox

Drawing Tool

Draw lines or closed shapes over the map, name and save your sketch under the "My Marks" tab. 

Measure Tool

Measure distances and areas in your choice of units, name and save your measurements under the "My Marks" tab. 

Annotation Tool

Add labels to features you see in the aerial imagery below. 

Query Tool

Get more information for properties, soils, and more, then save your research to a spreadsheet. 

Save View Tool

Bookmark locations you plan to visit often. 

Print Tool

Export a layout of your map, add a title and notes for the user. 

Import Data Tool

Bring in csv files with lat/long locations of points, or import a zipped shapefile you've created elsewhere. 

Level 21 Zoom Tool

Get a little closer than maximum zoom for areas with the best resolution aerial imagery, where available.


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