Win More Jobs With Less Effort

Make accurate estimates with the click of a mouse

Measure and assess your site with high resolution aerial imagery to estimate material costs and quote customers from your desk. Gain insights that help you make smart decisions and direct your resources to where they’re most profitable.


Accurate measurements of building footprints, fences, slopes and the like allow you to estimate material costs and quote your customer quickly without ever leaving your computer. The result is that your staff, vehicles and equipment can be directed to where the profitable job is, and not waste time and gas driving all over town, or worse, stuck in traffic.


To be successful in the construction industry demands that you quickly and accurately quote jobs without accruing costs that can’t be recovered. You also must remember the customer’s experience to build a great reputation. First Base Solutions (FBS) offers a simple to use mapping tool called VuMAP that can help you realize both.


VuMAP allows you to log on from anywhere and view current and historical aerial imagery of the site in question while you’re on the phone with the customer. The customer is happy about the rapid response, and you can scrutinize details of the site conditions at a glance – slopes, water features, access routes and barriers, property boundaries, potential hazards and more - which helps you predict your costs and workload accurately to make your estimate.

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VuMAP makes it easy for you to communicate your plan with the customer with maps and images. You can draw and plan over the photo and even load your own data into our system. The advantage when the customer can visualize clearly what they’re going to get is that you win more jobs than the competitor who failed to impress.


  • High-resolution aerial imagery
  • Ontario parcel mapping, contour lines, water features, green space, soil descriptions and more.
  • Tools to draw, annotate, and take accurate measurements like a map with the benefit of high resolution photographic detail.
  • Google MapsTM and Google Street ViewTM always included.
  • Incorporate your own map data.


  • Cut down on profitless, time consuming site visits.
  • Simple, intuitive tools, no new software to install.
  • Make accurate quotes quickly for maximum profit and customer satisfaction.
  • Communicate efficiently with customers using maps.
  • No hidden costs or bandwidth limits.
  • Free trial subscription.


How much does it cost in lost opportunity for every quote you make at a potential customer’s site that goes nowhere? How many times per year does this happen? Try a free trial subscription to VuMAP today and try work made easy. It will quickly pay for itself and start earning you money. Contact FBS today!


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