Access every place from one place!

VuMAP is a feature packed online mapping application that lets you measure, draw, compare imagery year over year and research land information from anywhere through a web browser.

  • Save time and money on site research
  • Evaluate locations without leaving the office
  • Make decisions based on facts not guesses
  • Communicate complex information visually
  • Did I mention there's a free trial?

We're beginning a new weekly series; VuMAP: VIEW, QUERY, MEASURE, REPORT

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What you'll learn:
View - The basics of the interface.
Query - Tools for researching property information.
Measure - Tools for planning your projects.
Report - Importing, exporting, sharing, and printing.

Free Trial
News - First Base Solutions (FBS), a leading provider of geospatial data and services is now offering its customers a FREE 30 Day Trial of its VuMAP service...  

VuMAP Brochure
Everything you need to know to get started with VuMAP.

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Thousands of professional people in many industries are already taking advantage of the convenience of VuMAP's easy to use approach to spatial data. Hear a few of their stories:

Got your own story to tell?

Follow us and let us know what you think and what topics you want to hear more about. Stay tuned as we break down VuMAP in 4 easy steps: View, Query, Measure, Report.


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