Seven Ways To Waste Time and Lose Jobs

Are you a contractor looking to retire in the poor house?  

Here's seven tips to get your business there faster.

1. Finding New Jobs
Always pound the pavement on foot and look for properties with crumbling pavement or a bad roof that might be in need of your services.  Never use time-saving shortcuts like up to date aerial imagery to locate potential customers.

2. Estimation
Always go in person to measure the job site to make material costs estimates early on in the project.  Never use detailed maps to make these measurements from your office.

3. Communication
Always confuse the customer with unclear expectations of what the project scope is.  Never sketch up your plan in context with the existing features of the property or use visual means to communicate what you're going to do for them.

4. Access
Always make assumptions about work site hazards like overhead wires, access routes to get your equipment into the site, obstacles, and barriers.  Never do this research in advance with high resolution aerial imagery.

5. Logistics
Always dive in blindly without locating property boundaries, easements, utilities, or areas available for temporary work spaces on the street.  Never use maps to plan the stages of your project, verify locations, or communicate the plan with your crew.

6. Soft Costs
Always use expensive, complicated software that's difficult and time consuming to learn and maintain. Never opt for the intuitive, less expensive option that meets your needs just as well.

7. In Conclusion
Always spend your time on unproductive and profitless activities. Whatever you do, NEVER try a free trial subscription to VuMAP.

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