We Are 15!

First Base Solutions Celebrates its 15 Year Anniversary

First Base Solutions (FBS), a leading provider of geospatial data and services is excited to announce it just turned 15. Created in February of 2000, First Base Solutions has grown to be Ontario's largest provider of geospatial data and services. FBS's flagship services, MapWarehouse and VuMAP have helped to generate over 20 million in sales and over 500 unique visitors per month.

We're extremely excited and proud to celebrate this milestone. It’s been through the hard work and dedication of all our team members, past and present, that got us here.

Our goal over the years has been education and knowledge. Geospatial data isn’t known among most industries, it's been our mission to educate them. Once they see the benefit, they are hooked and they become lifelong customers.

FBS services, Mapwarehouse and VuMap, have over 5000 registered users and a 75% renewal rate.

First Base Solutions enables organizations to improve day-to-day decision making through the use of geospatial data and services.

FBS is currently in development and design of MapWarehouse and VuMAP 2.0. The creation of new data, tools, features and overall customer service is the major theme in the build. With a projected release date of early 2016, FBS is looking forward to another 15 years of success and growth.

From governments to small businesses, for the last 15 years, First Base Solutions has been the primary source for geospatial data and services in Ontario. You might not know our name, but you definitely know our data. Don't be left behind, contact FBS today and let us show you how geodata will help improve your bottom line.


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