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How to sell your geospatial data through MapWarehouse

We've got aerial imagery in spades. It makes a great base for many types of projects such as pre-engineering work, estimating material costs, or just to add context to your line drawings, but we know there's lots of quality data out there that would complement what you already find on MapWarehouse. That's where you come in.

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First Base Solutions is a data collector, not just a data producer. Of course we have a fleet of aircraft to acquire aerial imagery and produce DEM and contours from the imagery we collect, but we are also resellers of TRCA floodplain data, DigitalGlobe satellite imagery, Teranet parcel mapping, MNR Ontario base maps and other data we acquire through reseller licensing arrangements with partners. We couldn't possibly do it all by ourselves.  Our strategic partners that we've connected with over the last 15 years are the reason why MapWarehouse is Ontario's largest geospatial data marketplace, and the inventory is constantly expanding.

What's in it for me?

Money. The user friendly map-based search on MapWarehouse is a great way to distribute spatial data. It's easy for data hunters to locate what's available in their area of interest, and easy for you, the data provider to make some passive income.  FBS will pay royalties to you every time someone purchases data you provide.  Send us your imagery, demographics, infrastructure networks; anything you have but don't know how to effectively market and sell.  We've got the customer base and infrastructure in place already to do this for you.

Data you provide needs to be relevant to our commercial customers, reliable, high quality with complete metadata, and of course, be your content for which you own rights and permissions to distribute.   We'll slice it and dice it into tiles that match the grid for our existing products so it will fit seamlessly into our online store. Sit back and wait for the cash to roll in.

Just the facts, please

871 accounts with local Ontario companies
4800 accounts with individual users
500+ unique visitors to MapWarehouse every month
57% of visitors to MapWarehouse are new
15% of visitors to MapWarehouse make a purchase immediately
1500+ transactions are completed annually



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