The Power of VU

The Power of You

25th Annual Conference
The Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario

Sheraton On The Falls
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Wednesday, May 27 - Saturday, 30, 2015
First Base Solutions is proud to be the gold sponsor at this year’s event and will be hosting a breakfast for all attendees on Thursday May 28, 2015 from 7:30-8:45.

FBS will be demoing its VuMAP service. VuMAP, a feature packed online mapping application with intuitive tools to help you view, query, measure, and report.  VuMAP enables legal firms to:

Reduce Cost and Time of Research

  • 24/7 Online Service
  • Searching Tools
  • Online Library of Data
  • Reliable Supporting Evidence

Make Researching Property Information Easier

  • PIN, ARN, and Legal Description for Every Property in Ontario
  • Minimize Trips Out of the Office
  • Predictable Work Loads
  • Locate, Mark Up, and Share Geographic Information

Increase Accurate Analysis

  • Accurate Measurements of Direction, Distance, and Area
  • Objective Date-Stamped Records of the Past
  • Establish Sight Lines and Timelines
  • Persuasive Visual Material

You no longer need to be an expert in GIS to get what you need from geodata technology!

From governments to small businesses, for the last 15 years, First Base Solutions has been the primary source for geospatial data and services in Ontario.

You might not know our name, but you definitely know our data.  Don't be left behind, contact FBS today and let us show you how geodata will help improve your bottom line.


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