A Planet Sized Data Delivery - Now Available!

Introducing Our Newest Data Partner: Planet Labs Geomatics

There's a million new reasons to choose MapWarehouse. First Base Solutions has entered a new reseller agreement with Planet Labs Geomatics, a provider of commercial satellite imagery, to bring over 1,000,000 square km of new Ontario imagery to MapWarehouse, and that's just the beginning!

"We’re very excited to be welcoming First Base Solutions to Planet’s official reseller network," Sam Lieff, Planet's Director of Sales for Canada tells us. "Their web-based applications and services will enable users to more easily access and consume Planet’s satellite imagery, including our Canada high-resolution mosaics and daily monitoring services."

Natural Colour
False Colour Infrared

The arrangement will be the largest single acquisition of new data in MapWarehouse's history, virtually quadrupling the inventory of imagery products. Comprehensive coverage of in-demand areas are being added where no imagery coverage existed before, like the far north, including natural colour and, for the first time on MapWarehouse, false colour infrared.

What Will Be Available? 

The imagery coming to MapWarehouse will have similar characteristics to the orthophoto we've sold for years. The imagery is mosaicked and colour balanced to provide consistency across the entire coverage area, pan sharpened, and orthorectified. Everything is application ready, just download and enjoy.
  • All of Ontario
  • 1.5m resolution mosaic (usable up to 1:5000 scale mapping)
  • Natural colour and false colour infrared
    • Panchromatic (450 – 745 nm)
    • Blue (450 – 525 nm)
    • Green (530 – 590 nm)
    • Red (625 – 695 nm)
    • Near-infrared (760 – 890 nm)
  • To be sold in 2km x2km tiles
  • Accurate to +/- 10m in well referenced areas
  • Most imagery was captured in 2016 with a complete update to 2017 vintage coming later this year

    New MapWarehouse Satellite Imagery Coverage

    What Can I Use It For?

    Offering mid resolution satellite imagery that's reasonably priced and easy for our customers to acquire begins a new level of data accessibility for landscape scale projects such as:
    • Base mapping
    • Emergency response planning
    • Site access and logistic
    • Permitting
    • Environmental assessment
    • Survey
    • Engineering Design
    Higher resolution imagery is available, as always, if your project demands more detail at particular sites down the road.

    What's The Sensor?

    MapWarehouse will sell imagery from the "twins", SPOT 6 and 7 satellites (Satellite Pour l’Observation de la Terre). Launched in 2012 and 2014 respectively, this pair of satellites delivers an exceptional combination of resolution, coverage and up-to-date imagery.




    A New Era Of Convenience

    Those already familiar with MapWarehouse are accustomed to the pick and pay model of purchasing geographic data through the map-based online store, but the process for obtaining satellite archives has until now, been a lot less user friendly. Previously, satellite imagery was only available through First Base Solutions as a custom order. "Selling satellite imagery through MapWarehouse was the natural next step," says Peter Hettstedt, head of Business Development for First Base Solutions, "and something our customers had been suggesting for a while. The key benefit to our customers is convenience and value."

    MapWarehouse users can expect to see the data added to the store over the next couple of months. Here's a quick overview of what's new in the ordering process:

    Satellite specs offered by First Base Solutions

    What's The Difference Between a Custom Satellite Order and Buying on MapWarehouse?

    What's The Difference Between MapWarehouse's Orthophoto and Satellite Imagery?

    Partners Are Our Bread & Butter

    "First Base Solutions is an established service provider who we will work with to better deliver our imagery content and services to the Ontario market, and across Canada," Lieff points out.

    Hettstedt explains, "MapWarehouse is no longer just a storefront for our own FBS orthophoto. It's grown over time to be a true online marketplace where any type of geographic data can be bought or sold." These days, partner data such as Teranet parcel mapping or TRCA flood line mapping often outsells imagery. "We value our data provider partnerships immensely. This is how we're able to offer such a wide variety of mapping data to our customers."

    FBS is always seeking out new partners and new products based on what our customers tell us they need. To become a data provider on MapWarehouse, please contact partnership@firstbasesolutions.com.

    We're Not Done Yet!

    MapWarehouse is just the beginning. Details are are now being sorted out to bring Planet's satellite mosaic to MapCast, FBS's on demand web map service that lets users of desktop CAD and GIS software connect directly to our image collections. When complete, this arrangement will include coverage for all of Canada. More on this later.


    About Planet Labs Geomatics:

    From satellite data reception to image processing, custom application development, and on-line data access, Planet Labs Geomatics is creating leading geo-image and geo-information products & services that help our clients make fast, accurate decisions. As part of the Planet group of companies, the owners and operators of the PlanetScope (Dove), SkySat and RapidEye satellite constellations, and the exclusive Canadian distributor of all imagery from the SPOT1-7 satellites, Planet Labs Geomatics provides the most up-to-date and deepest archive of high and medium resolution satellite imagery of Canada.

    About The Planet Labs Geomatics Products Joining The FBS Portfolio:

    5 Operational Satellites
    RapidEye 1/2/3/4/5: 5.0m Colour/MS (5-band)
    • Very Large area coverage
    • Frequent revisit capabilities
    • Full country mosaics
    • Excellent combination of coverage area & resolution

    PlanetScope (Dove Constellation)
    Currently 100+ Operational Satellites
    3.0m Colour/MS (4-band)
    • Near daily worldwide coverage
    • Excellent combination of coverage area and resolution

      SPOT6 & SPOT7
      1.5m Pan, 6m MS, 1.5m Colour

        • Best combination of resolution, coverage area & up-to-date imagery
        • Large collection capacity & deep archive 
        • Useful for a wide range of mapping scales/applications

        13 Operational Satellites
        0.8m Panchromatic, 1.0m MS, 0.8m Colour
        • Daily revisit over any target on Earth
        • High-resolution useful for precision mapping



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