Dear FBS, What Does Aerial Imagery Have To Do With Baseball?

Dear First Base Solutions,

Your company does aerial imagery and mapping services, so why does your name sound like a baseball company?

Another rarely asked question, and one we're happy to answer. You see, 'Base' as in 'First Base' comes from 'Base Mapping', as in, our data is the 'First Base' layer for your project. Our 'Solution' is to enhance decision making for projects in any industry through the use of reliable, high quality information.

I Thought A Base Map Was The Same As A Topo?

Sometimes. A 'topo' means a topographical map like the Ontraio Base Mapping series available on MapWarehouse that focuses on topography using elevation contours along with location references for features that do not change often. Boundaries, water, land uses, roads, and major infrastructure are just a few examples. The fundamental features of the landscape can then be used as context for compiling customized maps for particular purposes such as planning, analysis, or resource management.

An Ontario Base Map
 The OBM series is popular for performing preliminary environmental assessments and on its own for outdoor recreation because it provides general information pre-authored into a usable composition with styled symbols, colours, and texts. Other types of base maps contain layers that are relevant to specific uses like nautical charts or maps for military purposes.

Maps Are The Base Good Decisions Are Built On

Google Maps is a good example of an interactive base map. When you search for directions, the results of the cost-distance analysis going on in the back end are displayed over the Google Map, hill shaded terrain, or imagery (which is provided by First Base Solutions in some areas). General purpose digital base maps like Google Maps are suitable for many day to day applications, but they fall short for many professional map users, like you.

Ontario Base Map
Aerial Image Base Layer
First Base Solutions offers more base mapping than just the traditional OBM series. Modern digital base maps start with our aerial imagery with boundaries, roads, and points of interest from our data provider partners drawn on top for reference. From there, you can plan, measure, design, and confidently build your project on a solid foundation.

Why Call First Base?

We fly to capture aerial imagery, then process it for geometric corrections and to extract topographic data in finer detail than any freely available general purpose base maps available for our area. This is the base our company is built on! Please contact us for more information and to order your custom base mapping.

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