RAQ: How To Get The Newest Data First

Is it ready yet? ...How about now? ...Now?

The aerial imagery collection window in Ontario is short for the most popular leaf-off ortho products, around 6-8 weeks. Typically we can start flying in late March and it all wraps up by early May, weather dependent. In this time frame we cover a lot of ground, often capturing imagery for several municipalities.

Once the intense flying season is over, the next six months are spent back at the office processing the raw images into an application-ready mosaic and posting the data to the MapWarehouse store, VuMAP, and MapCast.

During this six month period we frequently get asked, "Is it ready yet? ...How about now? ...Now?" There are three ways you can keep in the loop when new data is released.

From Our Website

In the footer of our corporate website www.firstbasesolutions.com there is an updates feed called New Data Alert. Skim the headlines or click through to our news blog.


You can subscribe to our newsletter using the form on our contact page. Be sure to select 'News' as the communication type. You can unsubscribe in one click at any time.


Real Simple Syndication. An alert is sent to your feed when new data is posted. You can choose a feed in your internet browser, your email provider, or a third party feed reader. The video below will explain it.

If you really can't wait, it's possible to expedite processing on the section of imagery you need. Call for quote.


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