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How to search for Ontario aerial imagery with Teranet property boundaries

If you're new to Zoom2It, welcome! The most common questions from new users include 'How do I get the images I just bought' and 'How can I open this file?' Here's a few quick hints.

1. The Transaction
Search for your property, then add each PIN number to your list. Clicking on the shopping cart icon will open a watermarked preview of the three images you will receive. When you click on "Purchase" select a payment method and follow the instructions on screen.

 Getting Started With Zoom2It

2. Getting Your Images
Each PIN will have three images, one for the property view, neighbourhood view, and community view. After payment, you will see a receipt with three links to click, one for each image. The files are JPG images and will be sent to the "Download" folder on your local computer.
HINT: The file names are based on the PIN number.

3. Using Your Images
The images are ordinary jpeg file measuring 600 x 600 pixels (around 100 KB) that can be opened by virtually any image viewing software such as Paint or Windows Media Viewer. You may print or distribute these images for marketing real estate.

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4. Troubleshooting
If you have closed your browser without downloading the images to your computer, they are saved in your order history. Return to Zoom2It, then search for the property again and add it to your shopping cart. On the image preview page, the "Purchase" button will now say "Download." Click the download button to return to the receipt page with the three links to retrieve your images.

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