Friday, October 12, 2018

Ready, Set, Research!

RAQ: Creating a spreadsheet of legal descriptions of Teranet's parcel mapping using VuMAP

For a lightweight application, VuMAP sure does some heavy lifting when it comes to day to day productivity in your real estate or law practice. Today's rarely asked question highlights a simple but powerful built-in tool that will help speed up your research; the query tool.

  • Find the location on a map
  • Review the legal descriptions of parcels in the area
  • Bookmark the chosen properties
  • Download all the saved information to a spreadsheet

The video below will show you how to use some of the features you won't see with a free trial subscription.

Wait! Back It Up... VuMAP?

When you subscribe to VuMAP, you'll have unlimited access to browse highly detailed aerial imagery plus a variety of mapping layers, including property boundaries from Teranet (PIN and ARN).

The simple interface allows you to search for properties in Ontario using 9-digit PIN numbers, or 15-digit assessment roll numbers. Search by entering the number only, with no spaces or dashes. You can also zoom to the general area, then use the query tool to explore the details of  properties nearby.

The Query Tool

The map provides the geographic context to see how the parcels relate to one another, if one parcel is dominant with servient easements, for example.This is the type of contextual information that’s not possible when searching through lists of addresses.

All visible layers that have query information will be displayed in the results when you click on the map. You can review both the assessment roll number and property information number details at the same time.

Saving Your Query

You can save your results into the My Marks tab by clicking on Add To My Marks. Name the query and click save. You can find this property again later in the My Marks tab, under the query menu.

The info icon shows you the information for the parcel again. You can make the saved query visible or not visible on the map, zoom to the location, share the query so it will appear in the My Marks of another VuMAP subscriber, or, delete the query using the tools in your saved queries list.

Exporting Your Research

Last but not least, you can download the details of all your saved queries into a csv file that can be viewed as a spreadsheet with all the information from the results boxes. If you have saved multiple queries for multiple layers, you will see them all when you create a csv file. This way, you can build a database of locations you’re actively working with, and add more fields to store your own notes about the locations you searched.

Create a First Base Solutions user profile and begin your completely free 7-day trial subscription. Already a MapWarehouse or MapCast user? You can use your existing login information in VuMAP to access all the familiar FBS imagery.

(Note: Third party data such as Teranet parcels are not available during the trial period.)

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