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Don't flake out on job preparation

Pop quiz: A commercial customer contacts you for a quote to plough parking lots and private roads this winter.

What do you do next?

a) Call them and arrange a time to send a sales rep to measure the property?
b) Ask for the square footage of the parking lots and the length of the roads, then take their word for it to prepare the quote?
c) Take the job sight unseen and start making arrangements?

How about none of the above?

a) Why send a sales rep without qualifying the lead? Now is the time to weed out window shoppers.
b) Are you sure the property manager who contacted you is really on top of those details or just taking a guess?
c) Are you crazy?

d) Let's see how VuMAP can help with preliminary research about the customer's property.

1. Start by getting a free trial subscription to VuMAP.


 2. When a customer contacts you, log in and search for their address.

3. Turn on the latest imagery, property lines, grading (contour lines), and other relevant map layers.

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4. Use the built in tools to measure the area of the parking lots and length of the roads.

5. Save your work and add the map you made as a supporting document to your quote so the customer has clear expectations of what's included.

6. Use your map to recognize work site hazards and obstacles, and communicate the plans with your on-site workers.

7. Laugh all the way to the bank.

  • Invest less time and money on administrative tasks and attracting new business.
  • Spend less time (and gas) chasing fruitless leads.
  • Instantly get a clear idea of what a potential customer is asking for - keep them on the phone.
  • Prepare accurate, well documented estimates quickly from your office.
  • Use technology to immediately stand above the competition.
  • Communicate your plans with both the customer and your staff. 
 Any Questions?


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