Call Before You Dig

Partnering up for safety, efficiency, and accuracy.

First Base Solutions (FBS), a leading provider of geospatial data and services is excited to announce its new relationship with Ontario One Call (ON1Call). FBS worked with ON1Call to develop a mapping interface that allows homeowners and contractors to easily and accurately submit location tickets for underground utilities on properties.

In January 2015, ON1Call unveiled its new online service.  With the help of high resolution orthophotos (aerial images), customers can use the interactive map interface developed by FBS to locate their property, indicate dig locations and submit a locate request ticket. The automated system then alerts the utility owner and field staff to complete the locate.

The fines and consequences for hitting underground utilities are severe. Any homeowner having work done on their property should request a locate. Using the service will save a lot of people time and money.

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In June 2012, the Ontario Legislature unanimously passed Bill 8, the Ontario Underground Infrastructure Notification System Act 2012, which, among other things, requires any owner of buried infrastructure in the public right of way to register that infrastructure with ON1Call.

ON1Call was formed in 1996 to establish a call centre that receives excavation locate requests and notifies registered owners of underground facilities within the vicinity of the proposed excavation. On1Call's mission is to reduce damages to underground facilities and promote safe excavation practices throughout Ontario.

From governments to small businesses, for the last 15 years, First Base Solutions has been the primary source for geospatial data and services in Ontario. You might not know our name, but you definitely know our data. Don't be left behind, contact FBS today and let us show you how geodata will help improve your bottom line.


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