Get 20% Off Vintage Orthophoto All Summer Long

Saving a few pennies makes cents


Effective July 1 - September 30, 2015

What's Included?

Vintage orthophoto - Any orthophoto from 2013 or older qualifies for this promotion. Discounting will be 20% off the subtotal at regular price, which may include volume discounts.

What's The Code?


How To Get The Sale Price?

1. Go to MapWarehouse
2. Select tiles of qualifying vintage orthophoto and add them to your shopping cart.
3. Head to the checkout.
4. Enter the promotion code in the box called "Promotion Code". Your discount will be applied automatically to any qualifying products.

Custom Order
1. Contact us with your order details, and tell us you'd like the CESSNAPIX offer.
2. Sign and return your quote on or before September 30, 2015.
3. Your order will be delivered as usual.

Need Help Redeeming the Code?

Watch this short MapWarehouse tutorial to see the checkout process. (you can start around 35 seconds in)

Or contact us for support.

Enjoy your orthophoto, and subscribe to our newsletter to ensure you never miss a promotion.


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