Knowledge Is Its Own Reward
(There's also a prize draw)

What's The Prize?

One custom large format (approximately 18" x 24") printed aerial photo of your home or business from First Base Solutions' aerial image archives.

How Do I Enter?

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What's The Newsletter Like?

It's called Off-Site Insight, which means gaining insights into remote places without leaving your desk by using maps and imagery. You'll read our exclusive content about industry trends, tips, and practical uses for aerial imagery and geographic data from First Base Solutions, the experts who brought you MapWarehouse.  You'll also be the first to learn about special events, data sales, promotions, and industry news.
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Contest Rules?

  •  You must provide at minimum, a valid email address. If you are the winner of the draw, we will need to contact you for your mailing address and other details to send out your prize.
  • The location you choose to have printed must be within the area where orthophoto coverage is available. (See the coverage map)
  • One entry per valid email address.
  • Prize draws will take place on October 1 2015, January 1 2016, April 1 2016, and July 1 2016.  New subscribers will be entered for the next available draw.
  • You must be a new subscriber since the previous draw.
  • You must be a Canadian resident.
  • The prize must be accepted "as is" with no prize substitutions or cash value.

No Risk Whatsoever?

That's right. FBS will never ever give away your personal information to third parties. If you no longer wish to receive our newsletter after you check it out, you can unsubscribe in one click at any time.

Good Luck!


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