Satellite Sale!

Get up to 35% off 30cm imagery

Earlier this year, DigitalGlobe moved the industry a major step forward with the introduction of 30 cm imagery.

Our customers can experience this groundbreaking product at promotional pricing which takes effect immediately and continues through December 31, 2015.

Under this program, the price of 30cm imagery has been reduced by up to 35%.

Of course the imagery can be used in much the same way as orthophoto, but satellite imagery can also be used to classify surface materials, and vegetation types, or monitor land use patterns over time because of the additional spectral information outside the visible range.

Why Use Satellite Imagery Instead of Aerial Image Acquisition?

Get very large coverage areas at once. Satellite offers global coverage with a growing library of archive imagery.

Avoid hazards of visiting inaccessible or remote sites. Great for forestry, mining, or far north applications.

New satellite acquisitions often cost less than new aerial acquisitions for smaller coverage areas.

Get repeat coverage of the same area many times in a season.  Great for agriculture to monitor crop health through the growing season, or for urgent situations like search and rescue.

The addition spectral bands beyond the visible portion of the spectrum mean satellite can be used to classify surface materials and vegetation types.  Year round collection means the imagery can be used for canopy analysis, or surface material analysis. The new SWIR (short wave infrared) and CAVIS (cloud, aerosol, vapour, ice, snow) bands let you see through smoke and other atmospheric distortions.

To order satellite imagery, contact First Base Solutions. Be sure to mention the 30cm time limited promotion.


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