Top Three Questions About Parcel Mapping [Cheat Sheet]

How to choose the right kind, what you'll get, and how to get it cheaper

Parcel data is one of our biggest sellers, so naturally we get a lot of questions about it. Keep the handy chart below as a reference or check our FAQ's.

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1. Why are there two kinds of parcel?

PIN (parcel identification number) and ARN (assessment roll number) come from different sources and are used for different purposes (ownership and taxation). The geometry of the parcel boundaries is often the same, but not always, so PIN and ARN mapping is stored in separate data bases. When purchasing a section of parcel mapping, you need to choose one product or the other, PIN being the far more popular choice.

2. What is included in the data delivery package?

From MapWarehouse, you'll get a CAD or GIS vector file showing the boundaries of each property. Each property has one attribute, either the 9-digit PIN, or 15-digit ARN. You can use these reference numbers to research more information about the property. VuMAP subscribers can query the map to see legal descriptions and a few other details. Owner's names are not included.

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3. How can I get the best price?

That depends on what you're doing with it. If you plan to download a section of parcel mapping to compile your own map, you can purchase a pre-clipped 500m x 500m tile through MapWarehouse for a flat rate, or, place a custom order and pay per parcel. In dense urban areas where a single tile section could contain a few hundred properties, MapWarehouse is more economical. In rural areas where a single large property could span several tiles to cover it completely, a custom order would be more economical.

To research property details without any real need to manipulate the mapping, VuMAP is the best choice. You can view and query an unlimited number of parcels with your annual subscription (third party parcel data is not available with the free trial).

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Download this handy cheat sheet for your reference: 


 Still Not Sure?

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