Have GPS, Will Travel

Pull new insights from your GPS data to guide smart decision making with better base maps.

VuMAP offers something for every industry

Legal and real estate professionals use the added information gleaned from the mapping interface to research PINs and other property information quickly.  Many types of outdoor construction trades use VuMAP to find customers in need of their services, estimate material costs and make quotes, or for preliminary project planning. 

Whatever your line of work, VuMAP saves you time and money by limiting the number of trips out of the office to gather information about remote sites, and helps you communicate spatial information with stakeholders and customers. 

Watch how easy it is to accurately measure features you see in aerial imagery. (47 seconds)

Researching land information in the fast lane

You know what you want to know, you just don't know how to go about getting the information.  The information inherent in a photograph, like the aerial imagery you'll find on VuMAP, gives users the ultimate in accurate and easy data interpretation and decision making. There's no learning curve.  Anyone can look at their data points laid over an image map, and immediately understand, "Oh! Look, there it is! That's exactly what I needed to know to move forward."

VuMAP is the shortcut that takes you straight from the questions to the answers, without the hassle of technical problem solving and research.

Watch how easy it is to spot changes to properties over time by comparing VuMAP's historical aerial imagery. (40 seconds)

Build your own map

If you have a hand held GPS device, you're constantly collecting and creating new, unique data sets.  Your data points don't mean much without the context of a base map, and the better the base map, the more you can learn.

The points and routes from your GPS can be imported into VuMAP, giving you access to highly detailed current and historical aerial imagery, elevations, property boundaries, and many other valuable data sets to view your way points in context with surrounding natural and cultural features - data sets you have to hunt for, purchase separately, then invest time and money in software and training to make use of.

VuMAP turns this outdated business practice upside down by cutting out the research and data acquisition phase of your project entirely, so you can skip directly to using the insights from the points you collected in the field to make sound, data supported decisions and get on with business.

Watch how easy it is to research land information and assess remote site conditions from the office using VuMAP. Use layering and transparencies to find where slopes, soil texture, water features, and other local conditions intersect with ground features you see in aerial imagery. (2:02)

What do you need from your map?

Asset Inventory
  1. You've got miles of infrastructure in the field to keep track of and perform routine maintenance on.
  2. You send a field crew out with a GPS to confirm the precise locations of your remote assets.
  3. Download your way points into VuMAP and see them in context with high resolution aerial imagery, elevations, parcels, and other geodata.
  4. Link your way point data with service records.
Example: Public Works
  • fire hydrants
  • catch basin
  • light standards
  • street furniture
  • underground structures and utilities

        1. You've got large yards of inventory that's heavy, messy, or awkward for customers to access.
        2. Equip the customer with a handheld GPS device and let them choose their product, and mark the location of the specific item they've selected.
        3. Download the customer's data points into VuMAP to see exactly where their selected products are over high resolution imagery of your property.
        4. Retrieve the purchased item and deliver it to the customer's home.
         Example: Retail
        • plant nurseries and Christmas tree lots
        • building and landscaping supplies 
        • auto wreckers
        • memorial parks

        Grounds Maintenance
          1. You've got a large recreational area that needs to be maintained in prime condition for aesthetic beauty and the safety of your visitors.
          2. Head out with a GPS to mark every tree that needs cutting, fence that needs mending, and good spots to store equipment and debris.
          3. Download your points into VuMAP to communicate the work plan with your crew using high resolution imagery giving context to the points you collected.
          4. Update the details of your data points to see the progress on a map.
          Example: Recreational Facilities
          • golf courses
          • conservation areas and trails
          • ornamental gardens
          • city parks

          Assessing Rapidly Changing Conditions
          1. You've got a rapidly developing, critical situation on your hands.
          2. Send a GPS equipped drone to the scene and mark locations of important points of interest.
          3. Import your current way points into VuMAP to see your data over high resolution imagery and see how the locations relate to access routes and barriers, mobile assets, and vulnerable people and property.
          4. Communicate the conditions clearly and quickly with maps to front line workers and other stakeholders.
          5. Repeat the process to see how conditions are changing on the ground.
          Example: Emergency Response
          • forest fire boundary movement
          • search and rescue
          • oil spill containment
          • monitoring ice jams

          Damage Assessment  
          1. A major event has forever changed the landscape and you need to evaluate the change, but the damage is so extensive, the changes are difficult to visualize from the ground.
          2. Send a GPS equipped drone to the scene and mark locations of important points of interest.
          3. Load the way points into VuMAP to see current conditions and locations of ground features compared to their historical conditions as seen in high resolution aerial imagery.
          4. Use the documented before and after conditions to verify insurance claims and start plans to rebuild.
          Example: Wild Weather

          Evaluating Potential
          1. You've got an undeveloped parcel of land.
          2. Walk the area with a GPS, mark out heritage trees, boulders and obstacles, existing structures, and any special natural features.
          3. Download your points into VuMAP to see your locations over high resolution aerial imagery, and see where they intersect with property lines, terrain and water features.
          4. Communicate your plan with stakeholders through easy to understand maps.
          Example: Land Use Changes

          1. You've got a GPS and want better base maps to enhance your recreational interests.
          2. Mark out places of interest as you go.
          3. Download your way points into VuMAP to see where your locations intersect with other features on the ground over high resolution aerial imagery.
          4. Spot clusters of points, identify land characteristics in common between your spotted locations that can help you identify other locations that may interest you.
          Example: Hobbies
          • geocaching and scavenger hunt
          • metal detectors
          • drone enthusiasts 
          • wildlife tracking 
          • fishing

          What can VuMAP do for you?

          • Timely Communication and Deployment of Field Crews
          • Accurate Information on Work Site Conditions and Hazards
          • Direct Measurement of Distances, Areas, and Earthwork Computations
          • Make Educated Assumptions Before the Project Begins 
          • Limit the Number of Costly Surveys and Site Visits 
          • Non-Intrusive Site Investigation Techniques 
          • Improves Analysis and Reporting Accuracy 
          • Improves Overall Decision Making 
          • Reduces Costly Errors and Deficiencies 
          • System Overviews and Photographic Detail of Individual Sites 
          • Visualize and Share Complex Information 
          • Make Well-Informed Strategic Decisions 

          The Moral Of The Story...

          An annual subscription to VuMAP including high resolution aerial imagery, elevations, property information, many layers of natural and built features and the tools to learn more about what you see costs $1500.  

          How much does it cost to source all this data elsewhere?

          Start working and communicating better today with a free trial.  


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