Ordering Imagery From The Final Frontier [Cheat Sheet]


FBS is a satellite imagery provider. We work with DigitalGlobe to bring you the most advanced commercial space imagery in the universe. Ordering is kind of complicated though, so leave that part to us.

The recent introduction of 30cm satellite imagery means more options for commercial consumers like you!

What unique advantages does satellite imagery offer?

  • agribusiness & environmental study: spectral bands outside the visible range, like infrared
  • remote environments: avoid ground surveys in harsh or inaccessible places
  • urgent need: can be delivered within hours for natural disasters, search & rescue etc
  • clarity: CAVIS and SWIR filters out atmospheric distortions like haze
  • big projects: large coverage areas, coverage is updated throughout the year

Each satellite has a little something different to offer. Download the chart below for a quick reference.

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