Saving, Surfing, or Streaming? [Cheat Sheets]

How to choose the data delivery method that's right for your project

It's come to our attention that many of you are confused by what data products FBS has to offer and how to access them. Sorry about that.

We've been working on enhancing our websites and making more reference materials available. Below you'll find some handy cheat sheets to help figure it out.

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Our Three Main Services Are: (Saving)
It's an online store. Locate your area of interest on a map, then search for the data available covering that area. Add items to your cart, enter a credit card, then download the files. Save the data locally to use in your CAD or GIS based project.
VuMAP (Surfing)
It's a online mapping application. Your annual subscription allows unlimited access through a web browser to view the same data as found on MapWarehouse and more, plus easy built-in tools to analyze, plan, and communicate spatial information.

MapCast (Streaming)
It's a web mapping service. Your bandwidth based subscription serves an aerial image base layer and contour elevations directly into your WMS compliant CAD or GIS software.


Preview all three services


Which data sets are available through which service?




Which types of problems are best solved using which service?





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