Where Are My Zoom2It Images?

You paid for it and you just want to print it, but where is it?

Through your Real Estate Board or GeoWarehouse, Zoom2It provides a quick and inexpensive way to access aerial imagery with embedded Teranet property boundary mapping without the need for any special software.

Real estate marketing can be difficult - especially for vacant land, and large or irregularly shaped properties that are difficult to show from the road. Zoom2It images are ideal for this purpose!

Property View
Neighbourhood View
Community View

After the payment by credit card is processed, users occasionally close their browser without downloading their images. The images will not be emailed to you, but don't fret, you won't need to purchase the same image twice.

Here's how to retrieve your images if you've closed your browser:

1. Go back to GeoWarehouse and locate the property.
2. Go through the steps to purchase the aerial image, when the Zoom2It interface opens, add the property to your shopping cart.
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3. Go to the Zoom2It checkout, exactly as if you intend to purchase the image again.
4. You will see a screen with a watermarked preview of the image set. The button below the image which used to say, 'purchase' will now say 'download'.
5. Click the 'download' button, and you'll be back to the receipt where you can download your three images. Save them to your computer for later.


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