Free Bandwidth To Experiment With MapCast

Hurry, this deal ends September 30, 2016 

If you've thought about trying MapCast, now's the time. MapCast gives you unlimited access to Ontario's largest WMS (web mapping service), delivering a base layer of current and historical high resolution aerial imagery and elevation contours directly into the CAD or GIS software you already use. Simply add data to your map project and choose a connection to MapCast instead of data stored locally.

Connect to MapCast with the software you already use!

Learn More: Download the MapCast Sellsheet

The difficulty getting started is how do you estimate in advance how much bandwidth you and your team plan to use? If you've ever had a surprise overage charge on your phone bill, we understand your pain. That's why as a first time subscriber to MapCast, you qualify for a free 500MB bandwidth top up for the first 3 months of your annual subscription. Extra bandwidth gives you some wiggle room to experiment with the service and figure out how to use it, and if you go over your monthly limit during the first three months - no problem.

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How Do I Qualify For This Promotion?

You must be a new subscriber to MapCast or FBSWMS.

What Will I Get?

We generally recommend 500MB per user per month, but the total bandwidth can be shared between as many users as you like. Some team members may use MapCast a lot, some just a little. You'll get a unique URL to share with your team that lets everyone connect to the service. You'll also get access to a personal dashboard with tools to monitor your team's usage. Read More.

How Do I Sign Up?

Contact Customer Service. We'll help you estimate your expected bandwidth usage and set up a subscription for you. If you go over in the first three months, you'll get an automatic free 500MB top up once each month.

Don't delay... Promotion ends September 30, 2016!


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